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definition: a handcrafted publication, packed full of inspiration, how-to articles, awesome artwork and even collage ephemera goodies...how can it get any better.

ultrafine embossing powder


ArtEzine a site is for everyone that's interested in playing and having fun with paper, paints, inks and stamps, and any other exciting mediums. The aim is to inspire and get your creative energies going.You will find: many artists who generously show their work, workshops, specialized articles, places to surf for ideas and interesting sites, links to online materials in the U.S and U.K This non commercial site is updated with new articles and work as often as possible, and you're welcome to contribute artwork, articles and links.

The Byhand E-Zine/Newletter - In the byhand newsletter you will find a collection of tips, ideas, calligraphy, bookbinding, quotations, book reviews and creative challenges. Subscriptions to the newsletter are free. To subscribe send an email to suzanne@quietfiredesign.com with "subscribe" in the subject line. I do not share my mailing list. Suzanne also has a wonderful website Quietfire Design, with bookbinding supplies, rubber stamps, art card, handbond books, etc. And, there is also a online community, the byhand yahoo group.

The first issue of Art Dollz was published May 2003, but the idea and planning started much earlier.  Francie researched the zine world and was fascinated by the charm and personality of what she saw.  She, of course, decided on Art Dollz and has been loving it ever since!  She has a Yahoo group.

MATERIAL is an art zine with a personal bent. The focus is altered books, collage, decoupage, ATC's and other artsy stuff! Each issue contain artwork from various mixed media artists and always collage ephemera goodies inside. Please email me if you are interested in ordering a copy ($7 + $1 S/H).

Artella is a zine that focuses on publishing works in which both art and words play an equal role, with a heavy emphasis on fostering collaborations among writers and artists. It is published monthly, alternating between full-color, full-sized, 32+ paged print versions and issues of "e-Artella", a 50+ page e-zine in PDF form. The print versions focus on themes, while the e-zines are more ecletic, with articles, how-to's, projects, and interviews. Artella has grown to be more than a zine - it's also a support network for artists and writers that offers teleworkshops, e-courses, community groups, an online bartering forum, lots of free downloadable workbooks and articles, a free weekly inspirational newsletter, and the Shoppes of Artella, a creative marketplace with over 200 handmade products by 25 artists. Visit www.ArtellaWordsAndArt.com to join the waltz of words and art!

Mysterium by Megan Noël. Poetry, articles, projects, journals, beadwork...., illustrated with Megan's "incredible" line art, which is worth the zine price in itself. La Luna, is a small personal artist zine also featuring the art and writing of Megan Noël. It is be published quarterly: Corvidae. The Natural History of Family Corvidae. Members of the Family Corvidae. Corvids in mythology & Literature. And of course, original art by Megan Noël. Note: The family Corvidae consists of the crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, and nutcrackers.

"No Shelves Zine" by Patti Monroe-Mohrenweiser is a zine for those who defy definition. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, and includes project ideas, book and product reviews, musings on being an artist, and lots of art. Handpainted swatches, product samples, and collage goodies are also included. No Shelves is available for $5 per issue, and can be purchased at www.beyondletters.com

"The Gleaner" a quarterly "altered" art zine for creative subscribers, produced by PaperCollage. I love zines with envies and pockets full of goodies, color copies or originals for collage art, and other ephemera inserts - some surprises are authentic vintage papers from the 1800s! The Gleaner offers all this, as well as, How-To's for popular art projects and selected themes (Altered Books, Torso art, Tins, Vials, Francophile, and Vintage themes.) Subscribers often request an opportunity to contribute articles or goodies for this quarterly zine - so please let me know if you would like to be in one of the upcoming issues. Please email me at "The Gleaner@aol.com" (also my PayPal name) for ordering info.


ultrafine embossing powder

This page (or pages) will be expanded to include more online resources including: Art Stamps, Individual Artist Galleries, and much more. Presently I am focusing on collecting links for all the wonderful independently published Art Zines now available. If you are a publisher of an Art Zine and would like your link added to this page please contact me.


ultrafine embossing powder

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