Creating Faux Cloisonne Embellishments with magazine pages and Bmuse Detail Embossing Powder

The magazine faux cloisonne technique is one of my personal little obsessions:). The materials are nearly unlimited and it is easy to create unique embellishments for cards and collage art.

The materials you will need are pretty simple. Stamps - the best ones will have a very defined outline and shape with a nice balance of inner imagery. This is something you will need to experiment with on your own. I also try to choose stamps that are fairly easy to cut out. The Kimono Stamp by Limited Edition used in the above illustration is one I consider nearly perfect. You will also need a dye ink pad in a pale color (and yes I said DYE ink - pigment ink or embossing ink will NOT work) and of course opaque detail embossing powders. The Bmuse powders that work for this are Eggshell White Opaque and any of the colors on the Metallics Embossing Powder page. The Kimono stamp and Japanese Script stamp(vendor unknown) above were embossed with Bmuse Polished Brass. Unfortunately the Custom Mixes and other Primary Colors do NOT work well. For added dimension you can also fill the embossed image with Diamond Glaze as I did on the sample above but it is not a necessity.

More examples of this technique using a Tile Stamp from Impression Obsession, Inc. and Bmuse Eggshell White Opaque and Copper Black Granite Detail Embossing Powders.

First pick a number of your stamps that seem to fit the project and go thru you magazines to find appropriate backgrounds to stamp. One important note is that you need magazine pages that have not been handled - fingerprints and oils cause embossing powder to stick and will create smudges and ruin the effect, also try to not touch the areas of the pages you intend to emboss. As with any embossing the paper or cardstock that you wish to emboss must be pristine to guarantee and clear sharp detailed image. I always wash my hands before doing any embossing and skip the the hand lotion until I am done. Below are some examples of sections of magazine pages which make great backgrounds for this technique.

Cut the sections into manageable sizes and using your dye ink pad stamp onto the sections. Because magazine pages have a coating the ink will not dry quickly and you have plenty of time to apply the embossing powder. The glossier the coating the more heat sensitive it will be if you are using a very hot heat gun you may have some trouble with the coating bubbling if this happens move the gun further from the paper and give it time between images to cool down a bit. If you have a gun with an air only cool down setting this will come in handy with this type of embossing. I also strongly suggest that you put your powders into sandwich size containers so you can just dip the pages into the embossing powder and tap off it makes all embossing go much faster, easier, and much less chance of spilling and losing powder.

Once you have an image you like and have it glued down to its final destination you can "fill" it with Diamond Glaze this really gives a cloisonne look! Below is a close up scan of the Kimino filled with Diamond Glaze.

And that is it...this is very fun...limitless with potential

Another Example using a Tile Stamp from Impression Obsession and Bmuse True Copper Embossing Powder and a page from National Geographic.

ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder

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