Creating Treasure Bottles with small vials and Bmuse Detail Embossing Powder

you need tiny bottles with fairly thick glass.The hardest part was finding something to stick inside the bottle so you can roll it on the embossing pad, powder and hold it under the heat gun...I finally found a pencil that worked - had to carve it a bit. so pick an EP color..UTEE does NOT work - blows away before it melts - big mess... roll the bottle on your embossing pad and then in the powder (this works best if you have your powders in sandwich size plastic boxes, but you could just pour some out and roll around in that. want a fast melting powder..detail works careful...this is why you want a bottle with thicker glass..the super thin bottles are likely to crack on you or worse..keep your glasses on:) and the glass take a few minutes to cool - don't touch!! if you want to emboss the top or add another coat or color let it cool down completely so that the adhesive that is in the power has time to completely set or it will move...I found that I could dip the top of the bottle back in the embossing pad and powder and heat with out the bottom getting too hot to hold. NOW for the really fun part...get out your fibers, wire, charms, beads and embellish I used E6000 to attach beads as stoppers and it stuck could even make necklaces as little amulet bottles. HAVE FUN!

List of Bmuse Products used and links to the page where they can be purchased.

Tiny Vials

Rich Warm Gold Detail Embossing Powder

Gold Black Granite Detail Embossing Powder

Pastel Opaque Gold Embossing Powder

Aged Copper Detail Embossing Powder

Bead, Button, & Baubles Grab Bags

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ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder


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ultrafine embossing powder

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