Collage Techniques #3

Creating Stained Glass Butterfly Wings

This how-to page explains how to create the translucent wings on the flowered tatooed lady (stamp from Time to Stamp)and butteryfly on the top right.

These wings are easy to do and almost look real with the shimmer from the tranparency and the tranlucent color from the Sharpies Permanent Markers. All you need are one of the Tranparencies shown below which are available on the Wings Black & Tan Collage Sheets and Tranparencies page (shown below).

Untra-Fine point colored Sharpies Permanent Markers and good, sharp scissors..curved scissors work best when cutting out these wings. And, although other glues may work well, I found that Zig 2-way glue (the one in the Blue stick) with the 1/4 inch chisel point worked great.

Find and rough cut a pair of matching wings. Using your markers color on the reverse side..the side with the toner. Allow the color to dry for several minutes before doing the final precise cut so that the ink is throughly dry.

Once they are cut out all you need to do is find something that "needs" wings!..Use the Zig glue pen and cover the reverse side completely. Note, you will still get some color movement but not a lot, actually I found this helped to blend the colors together just a bit and improved the overall appearence

If you feel you need some color guidance to get you started feel free to use the color images of my Wings Collage sheets as a guide or get daring and create your own Species!! Have FUN!!

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