Collage Techniques #1

Collage and embellishment on magazine backgrounds

NOTE: Collage Techniques page #2 explains how to create your own background cards.

Using sections from magazines as a backgrounds is one of my favorite techniques. It works especially well when you feel stuck or blocked because the card already has a strong starting point. To better illustrate this page has two before and after cards with detailed descriptions as to how I finished each of the cards.

I stared with these backgrounds. I attached the section of magazine to a pre-cut piece of 80# card stock. I use Rubber Cement for this as it gives a permanent bond without curling or wrinkling.

Pre-cut ATC sized card stock in different weights are available on this site. See the Artist Trading Cards Supplies page.

and now for the fun stuff...

Lady in Green

click on image to see a larger version

First I found the image of of woman and just knew she wanted to be on the lily of the valley background but since she and the background had the same color value I had to somehow mute the background a bit. First I used a opaque white acrylic paint, I brushed on bits and smeared with my finger, this was still a bit boring so I added tiny dabs of gold and blended the two paints together. Because this is a coated stock I had a bit of time before the paint dried. I added more white and gold around the outside edges to frame the woman image. Then I glued the woman down and smeared a bit more of the white and gold paint around the edges of the cutout to blend her in. The bottom edges were still to stark so I found another cutout of a lacy gift bag and used sections of it on the bottom corners. The 3 cutouts on the top and sides are squares from a quilt stamp embossed and cutout from another magazine section, these I did not put any paint on so that there would be some contrast. Then it seemed to need an edge, so I used a gold gel pen and went around the edges of the card. Finally, I coated the entire card with a gloss medium this had a wonderful surprise effect of lifting some of the ink from the gel pen and giving the edges a more blended effect.


Mystic Shoreline

click on image to see a larger version

This card almost felt like cheating, the background had so much of the image I wanted I hardly had to do anything. There are only 2 cutouts the flower and the deco pin that were cut from other magazines. I used the line in the tree trunks for the placement of the pin and you can see that the lower petal of the flower aligns with the tower on the castle. I glued these down first, then used a purple gel pen and smeared it along the horizon to give it a more mystic look. Then coated the entire card with gloss gel medium. I use my finger to apply the gel medium, it find it gives me better control on any ink, paint etc. that it may lift and blend and I can get a very thin coat this way to avoid any lifting and curling of the elements glued to the card. And as a final touch the little pearl circle, which I was hoping would look like a full moon, just happen to be on my worktable so I added it with a glue dot.

ultrafine embossing powder

Below are more examples of Artist Trading Cards I have done starting with a magazine image background.

click on any of these images to see a larger version

The embellishments and cutouts used to create these cards are typical of items included in Bmuse Collage Ephemera Packs

Learn how to make your own background cards on the Collage Techniques page #2

there is no limit to what you can do with this technique ...see over 300 Artist Trading Cards done using this technique in a recent ACT Challenge Swap in the Bmuse Galleries

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