Make a Magic Wand

Magic Wand Instructions


Wood Doweling- 6 in. x 5/8th in.

Handmade papers * available on this site

Fabric Glue

Gloss medium sealer

Spindly tip for wand

Jewelry Wire

Luminire Paint


Small Tags

Charms (optional)

Word rubber stamps

  1. Apply glue to the back of the handmade paper and roll around the doweling.

  2. Punch stars out of a contrasting color of handmade paper and glue into place.

  3. Seal with Medium gloss medium. Set aside to dry.

  4. Paint top spindle with Luminere paint and set aside to dry

  5. Wrap the stick with gold wire- Secure the wire - this was the trickiest part was at the top holding the wire on...I ended up using glue dots to hold it till I wrapped the fiber around and put on a coat of super tacky glue.

  6. Glue the ribbons/fiber around the top covering the end of the wire

  7. Attach the top spindle with E6000

  8. Attach the tags/charms to the fibers

Please feel free to expand on these basic instructions...add beez, feathers, or other sparkly objects, subsitute fabric for handmade paper...let magic steer your imagination!!!

Now you are ready to go cast spells...note: wands made with these instructions will only cast good fairy spells.

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