Sponged Ink and Stamped CD Envelope for 4x4 Art Piece

Simple technique for creating a fun envelope for your chunky book page from a CD envelope

altered Bingo Card

Image of a inked and stamped CD envelope with one of my Fat Little Book pages inside.

I recently discovered that the perfect swap packaging for Fat Little Book Pages are simple paper and glassine envelopes for CDs. I was delighted to discover this as these are inexpensive and available at any office supply store.


Plain white paper CD envelopes

2 or more colors of dye inks

rubber stamps

round sponge


altered Bingo Card

What the CD envelope looks like prior to altering - too boring:)


  1. I picked 2 colors of dye inks -Butterscotch & Espresso Adirondack- that went with the 4x4 Chunky Page.
  2. With a round sponge I started with the darker of the 2 inks and sparingly sponged small amounts of it randomly on the front and the back of the CD envelope.
  3. Using a clean spot on the sponge I filled in the rest of the white area with the lighter color of ink.
  4. I then picked 2 stamps and added the images using the darker of the two inks.
  5. Next use a clean area of the sponge or a paper towel to remove the ink from the glassine window of the CD envelope.
  6. Done!! Simple way to dress up your chunky book page packaging.
altered Bingo Card

Back side of altered CD envelope.

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