Assemblage Art Project

Altering an Vintage Shutter-Style Bingo Card

altered Bingo Card

This was a very fun project that I started with no particular plan in mind - and there is no right or wrong way to do this, the instructions below are simply how I did this one. A great way to use some of those odd little things you just KNEW you needed to save for something. And could make a great gift for a Bingo Crazy friend.


Vintage Shutter Style Bingo Card

Acrylic paints: Emerald Green & Copper metallic, sepia

vintage book pages & maps , old postage stamps.

Aleene's Jewel-It Glue

junk drawer stuff...buttons, beads, chain, puzzle pieces, charms, jewelry wire, scrabble tile - items like these are found in the Bmuse Bead Buttons & Baubles grab bags.


  1. I started out with the idea to just alter the original green of the card slightly with the emerald green metallic, well it didn't do much at all, the only thing that came of the this was accidentally painting over the letter "O" at the top of the card rather than just muting it as I had intended.
  2. Next I grabbed a bottle of sepia paint and truly smooshed it around...better but rather boring and also managed to pretty much cover the "B" :)
  3. Next the copper paint, now this was really starting to create an effect I liked, more paint smooshing, copper here, sepia there and a return to the emerald green metallic to bring back the original color of the card a bit. I really liked the aged metallic look now but had also lost the "G."
  4. To add more texture I tore bits from an old map and some old text page and glued them down in the bottom right and mid left side of the card, then went over these additions with different paints.
  5. Now, I went looking for things and bits I could glue down on the numbers, a scrapbook paper with letters provided the "a" in the center and replaced the "B" at the top. With each addition I used one or more colors of paint to blend the pieces in. A scrabble tile fixed the "G" and an old wood button became an "O."
  6. Next off to my stashes of what I call "chunky collage stuff" - technical term. I spent some time getting the balance of what numbers I wanted to cover and what numbers to leave open. I closed some of the shutters and left one half open..the numbers themselves are plastic so I found mixing the paint with glue worked well to paint over them.

ultrafine embossing powder

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