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Altered Wooden Nickels #1

Creating a key ring from a wooden nickel.

Art and instructions by Caryl Hoobler

Larger size images are shown below instructions

collage art chunky page by Rosalie Ackerson
collage art chunky page by Rosalie Ackerson
Front and back of Caryl's key ring

How to make these wooden nickel key rings.


Wooden Nickel blanks

Tacky glue or PVA glue

drill or dremel with small drill bit

Crystal Lacquer


bronze acrylic paint

assorted embellishments, ribbon, fibers

key ring

collage images: images used on this key ring are from the following Bmuse Collage sheets: Ancient Timekeepers, A German Childhood, and Sultry Ladies.


Drill hole 1/8 inch hole 1/4 inch from edge of wooden nickel. Paint both sides of wooden nickel with gesso and let dry. Paint both sides with bronze acrylic paint. Cut out the collage pieces you intend to use. Layer background images first. Once all images are glued into place coat with a thin layer of Crystal Lacquer to seal. While Crystal Lacquer is still wet press in any embellishments you wish to add. Let dry. Attach key ring with wire adding beads, ribbons, etc.
    altered Bingo Card

altered Bingo Card


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