Bmuse Newletter December 2004

Ultrafine Embossing Powder

Yes, my friends it REALLY is December, hard to believe the year is nearly over. As you can see I have changed the format of my site updates (which I try to do once a month but, in reality they seem to get done about every 6 weeks.

That said, if you DO NOT wish to receive these updates (which will now contain Special OFFERS:)) just scroll down to the bottom of this page use the email link there and let me know - a quick "no thanks' will do just fine. It would also help if you included your name as I do not use a mass email program to send the notices but do so manually from my accounting program which does not sort by email address.

Still HERE? Great!!

New ART Uploads

Imaginary Places Postcard Swap

This swap just took on a life of its own!!..Started as "would anyone be interested in..." and quickly grew to over 30 participants. I am still uploading the artwork for this and now up to 3 galleries pages. The images below are just a taste.

Want to see more?? Visit the Imaginary Places Galleries. Note: artist credits are given on the gallery pages.

2004 Holiday ATC ornament Swap

graciously hosted by Michele Decker who saved my sanity this year by taking this on.

View the rest of these wonderful Holiday ATCs on the Holiday Art 2004 Gallery Page.

"Macks" New ART

I even managed to squeak in some art time - just couldn't leave those kewl tiny vials I recently found alone. There is a rumor that there may be a swap brewing here...the "Magic Potion Bottle Swap."

And...I will even include some instructions:

you need tiny bottles with fairly thick glass..(I have these of course:) hardest part: need something to stick inside the bottle so you can roll it on the embossing pad, powder and hold it under the heat gun...I finally found a pencil that worked - had to carve it a bit. so pick an EP color..UTEE does NOT work - blows away before it melts - big mess... roll the bottle on your embossing pad and then in the powder (this works best if you have your powders in sandwich size plastic boxes, but you could just pour some out and roll around in that. want a fast melting powder..detail works careful...this is why you want a bottle with thicker glass..the super thin bottles are likely to crack on you or worse..keep your glasses on:) and the glass take a few minutes to cool - don't touch!! if you want to emboss the top or add another coat or color let it cool down completely so that the adhesive that is in the power has time to completely set or it will move...I found that I could dip the top of the bottle back in the embossing pad and powder and heat with out the bottom getting too hot to hold. NOW for the really fun part...get out your fibers, wire, charms, beads and embellish I used E6000 to attach beads as stoppers and it stuck could even make necklaces as little amulet bottles. HAVE FUN!!

AND there is MORE...Use the Gallery Directory Page to check out all the GREAT ART!!

ultrafine embossing powder


FIRST the BIG news!!

ALL the Bmuse Collage Sheets are now available in Transparency Sheets and Translucent Vellum Sheets.

And I have finished a MAJOR reorganization of all the pages so that you can locate images by theme...smaller more waiting ages for the pages to load.

And of course there is a NEW collage sheet

Antique Asian Images - the PERFECT SIZE for Artist Trading Cards.

And for you ATC addicts I now have the 9-pocket Binder pages for your growing collections.

NEW $$ Dollar Page Goodies...

First of course are the new Tiny Glass Vials...the ones I did the potion bottles above with and for those of you obsessed with Letters I found these really kewl Alphabet cards. And I now have pre-cut and scored A2 cards at a great price and I now have Mica Cardstock in Silver too.

Bmuse Embossing Powders Holiday Color Combos-Special is nearly over this special will end December 31st!!

ultrafine embossing powder

And Finally ...THANK YOU ALL for a great year. It has been a delight and pleasure to get to know my REAL customers. For several years I sold only wholesale and it just doesn't compare to getting to know you, seeing the art you make with my products and all the other fun stuff that goes with that. Have a wonderful wonderful Holiday and GREAT creative NEW YEAR!!

ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder


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