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First I want to say a big THANK YOU! for a great year to all my customers! And wish EVERYONE a wonderful, healthful and CREATIVE NEW YEAR!!

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The New ART !!

The "World is Made of Color" 4x4 Swap.

4x4 art square
4x4 art square 4x4 art square
Here are just 3 of MANY beautiful 4x4 collage pieces that were submitted for this swap. Artist credits from left to right: Carly Hoobler, Sherre Hulbert, & Sharon Ginsberg. Now use the following link to see the rest!! "The World is Made of Color" Gallery Page.

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Mack's New Personal Gallery Page

I decided that it was time to have my very own personal art gallery page. So bookmark this link to check on what I am up too:) Here is a sampling of what is there.

Click on image to see enlargement

Artist Trading card with wall mount

This is an Artist Trading Card that I mounted on a small masonite strip that was stained with Distress Inks to match the colors on the ATC so that it could be used as a small wall hanging. The background of the ATC was a piece of patterened paper that I further distressed with inks, and a floral stamp by Art By Moonlight. To blend in the image of the woman from Catspaw Studios collage sheet I used a blender pen to soften the edges. The floral bouquet towards the bottom is from the Woodcut Florals Black on Tan collage sheets.

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ArT Project #1

CD envelope Altered CD Envelope

Yes its true, the nearly perfect little Envelope for your 4x4 Art Squares or Chunky Book Pages is the CD Envelope. In just a few minutes you can create a great little presentation for your 4x4 art.

Creating a simple altered envie for your 4x4 swaps.

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ArT Project #2

Using wrapped backgrounds to give your mini-art a true mini-canvas look.

How to do wrapped backgrounds on 4x4 art and ATCs

the Asian style mixed media collage above is a 4x4 collage on matt board mounted on the NEW 5x5 Masonite Art Mounting boards. The Asian Goddess fragment is polymer clay using a mold from Backyard Cards & Gifts.

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When art goes astray and you get lazy - good things can happen:)!

The mixed media collage above was done on the one of the 5x5 Masonite mounting boards. But is not how it started out. I was trying to create with various paint smudges a background board for another 4x4 piece I had finished...just could not get the colors to work with the 4x4 piece. But I know some of my best pieces are always unintended I decided to collage the board itself. I liked the colors just not for what I had intended. I had just finished the Vintage Gentlemen collage I used an image from that sheet.

To create more interest and texture to the background I first added some peeled text: Basically how this is done is take old text pages adding glue only to the portions of the background that you want the text to adhere to. Press a piece of text, sheet music, or whatever you want firmly to the background and let it dry some but not completely. The time will vary for different glues and humidity so doing some test pieces is a good idea. Once the glued sections are stuck down and nearly dry simply rip the rest of the text away. You can smooth down any edges that lift by adding more glue.

Next is the advantage of being lazy. I had a great woodcut floral stamp from Art by Moonlight, but it was unmounted and I was too lazy to dig out a block and my double stick tape so I just inked it unmounted and stamped - the result was it looked more like a transfer image than a stamp since it was not "perfect" stamp. So, as always never get to set on what a piece is "supposed" to be, just go with it, learn and have fun!

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To view more projects and techniques that were previous newsletters you can link to them from the Projects and Techniques Directory page.

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The First issue of

Zne Zine Issue 1

"Rumor has it that ZNE is about to produce its first hard copy Zine, with artwork from over 30 mixed media artists included in this largely full color inaugural issue!"

Sales will be open to ZNE members first in mid January and to non-ZNE members sometime in February.  Visit the ZNE Website for more details. 

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Be sure to check out the NEW Art Fibers by the Yard page - over 30 fibers to choose from.

All Bmuse Color Collage Sheets are now available on the NEW Fabrik-Paper...

and what is that??

Fabrik-Paper Collage Sheets are nearly tear proof, with the texture and pliability of linen, lightweight, slightly translucent, the soft natural white of this media gives the images the softer, printed on fabric look without losing the detail of the images or the color saturation. Sew it, glue it... perfect for paper and fabric collage, art dolls, mini quilts, and collage on canvas...sorry it is not machine washable but can be gently hand washed without soap and it doesn't ravel!...AND it is half the price of most fabric collage sheets.

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2 NEW Collage Sheets from CatsPaw Studio!!

These and the other limted edition CatsPaw Studio collage image sheets can be viewed using the links below these pictures. And, there are lots of new art samples too.

collage sheet Catspaw studio
collage sheet Catspaw studio

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MORE Stuff...

Don't Miss the Ephemera Pages the Bmuse "Dollar Store" and the "A bit more than a Dollar Store" page.

The Bmuse complete line of Artist Trading Card Supplies and 4x4 Chunky Art canvases 7 styles and weights of ATC/ACEO canvases, slightly oversized, self-sealing plastic sleeves for heavier weight and embellished ATCs, 9-pocket binder pages....

and there is MORE...and keep reading we haven't gotten to the Special OFFER yet:))

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12 New Bmuse Collage Sheets!!

collage sheet americana ephemera
collage sheet americana ephemera
collage sheet americana ephemera
Americana - Heartland Americana-Pacific States Vintage San Francisco
collage sheet vintage ads with cats collage sheet costumes of the French opera collage sheet digital weave letters
Vintage Cat Ads Costumes of the French Opera Digital Weave Letters
collage sheet - a german childhood
collage sheets vintage gentlemen
collage sheet wooden nickels
A German Childhood Vintage Gentlemen Wooden Nickels
collage sheet - Jokers and clowns collage sheet americana vintage ads collage sheet fr. art deco posters
Clowns & Jokers Americana Ads from the 19th Century French Art Deco Poster Art

To locate the page where each collage sheet is found simply click on the image or the title below it to take to you the page where it is sold and most have art samples too...

and now for .....

NewsEZine Only Special!!

for a limited time only this sheet is offered at 40% off the regular price

Ancient Egypt - Collage Image Sheets

collage sheet Eqyptian art

Sorry this collage sheet special has expired.

6 unique images from ancient Egyptian paintings. This 8.5 x 11 inch collage sheet contains a total of 12 images for use in collage, art cards, altered books ATCs, etc.

Note: the above item is offered at a reduced price only for the duration of this newsEZine and can only be purchased using the cart buttons above, once the next issue of the Bmuse NewsEZine is online this collage sheet will be moved to the regular collage sheet pages and will be available at the regular prices.

Prefer to order via snail mail? Have questions about how and when your order will ship? See the ordering and shipping information page

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Thank you for subscribing! - have a terrific creative 2006!!

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