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The New ART !!

the Mask Swap is complete and the Gallery is done!

The FABULOUS eye candy in this gallery was swap I hosted on the Bmuse Yahoo Group.

ultrafine embossing powder

The Serendipity Background ATC swap is also drawing to a close. This swap was a 2 step process where each participant did a background page that was sent in, cut into ATC size cards and then the cards were shuffled and sent back out for embellishment. You can view the backgrounds and the finished cards on these three pages.

Background ATC swap group #1

Background ATC swap group #2

and Group 2 page 2

ultrafine embossing powder

click on image for a larger view

"On Fire" by Denise Taddeo

5x7 Collage on Canvas

Denise created this collage as part of the Bmuse Yahoo Group's Heat Wave Challenge. She not only graciously let me add it to the newsletter but she included instructions on how she did it as well.

1st coat of paint is a mixture (not blended very well) shimmering gold & glossy cream. I let it dry about 30 minutes and put a second coat of a blend of deep red mixed with glazing fluid. I randomly put this layer over the canvas, leaving some of the first layer showing. Since it is glazed it doesn't completely cover the underneath layer. I then put gold metallic paint on a large sponge stamp and randomly stamped this for color and texture. I did the same with another color of red with a different rubber stamp to give the fan-like texture. With a writing pen's end, I dipped into a bluish paint and made little tiny circles randomly on the canvas surface just to add a little more texture and color. I let this dry about 30 minutes. I rubbed a dab of gesso on the canvas where I wanted the face to be so that not too much of the background would show through her face getting a clearer image. I printed my image in reverse onto mat photo paper and transfered the image with gel medium onto the canvas (I did not let the gesso dry but about a minute), making sure the face was placed over the smeared gesso. I let the gel medium set about 10 minutes and pulled the paper off and rubbed the excess paper poo poo off of the image and painted a final glaze mixed with just a tint of yellow gold paint over the entire surface. I also scratched writing into the surface of each layer of paint while it is still wet so that the layer with underneath would show thru.

ultrafine embossing powder

ArT Project #1

Magic Wands

Create your own magic wants Project Page

ultrafine embossing powder

ArT Project #2

Covering small glass vials with polymer clay

art and instructions by Kathleen Lehew

Polymer Clay Faux Jade Bottles Project Page

ultrafine embossing powder

To view more projects and techniques that were previous newsletters you can link to them from the Projects and Techniques Directory page.

ultrafine embossing powder

Exciting NEW WebSite!!

In the Spring of 2005, variaZioNE (ZNE) began as a group for mixed media, collage, altered art, assemblage, mail art, and rubberstamping artists and enthusiasts. Less than six months later, the group is international in scope, and it continues to grow every day. The strength of the group lies in its strong commitment to artist and art promotion. The group actively promotes its member art, and hosts numerous art and ephemera swaps and art contests.

Group founder Chelise Stroud Hery, and fellow artist moderators Julie O'Neil, Kristin Hubick and Emma Fashokun provide overall direction for the group with the help of a dedicated steering committee of over 125 artists. Counted among the hundreds of overall members are Joanna Grant, Lani Kent, Tracy Roos, and advisory member, Claudine Helmuth. To see our member galleries, and learn more about ZNE visit us today at

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All Bmuse Color Collage Sheets are available on the NEW Fabrik-Paper...

and what is that??

Fabrik-Paper Collage Sheets are nearly tear proof, with the texture and pliability of linen, lightweight, slightly translucent, the soft natural white of this media gives the images the softer, printed on fabric look without losing the detail of the images or the color saturation. Sew it, glue it... perfect for paper and fabric collage, art dolls, mini quilts, and collage on canvas...sorry it is not machine washable but can be gently hand washed without soap and it doesn't ravel!...AND it is half the price of most fabric collage sheets.

click on image for a larger view
Cards by Michele Decker using the new Fabrik- Paper Collage Sheet images

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MORE Stuff...

The glass vials used in project #2 are available on the $ ephemera page.

The Bmuse complete line of Artist Trading Card Supplies 7 styles and weights of ATC/ACEO canvases, slightly oversized, self-sealing plastic sleeves for heavier weight and embellished ATCs, 9-pocket binder pages....

and there is MORE...and keep reading we haven't gotten to the Special OFFER yet:))

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8 New Collage Sheets!!

at the beach French flower fairies windows of Paris
Art Deco backgrounds #1 Art Deco backgrounds #2 queen of the house

To locate the page where each collage sheet is found simply click on the image to take to you the page where it is sold and most have some art samples too...

botanicals - orchids

and now for .....

NewsEZine Only Special!!

Women of Africa Collage Sheets

Sorry the special pricing on this collage sheet has expired...but you can purchase it at the regular collage sheet prices on the Images of Women collage sheet page.

Note: the above item is offered at a reduced price only for the duration of this newsEZine, once the next issue of the Bmuse NewsEZine is online this collage sheet will be moved to the regular collage sheet pages and will be available at the regular prices.

Prefer to order via snail mail? See the order by mail information page

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Bmuse carries a FULL line of Artist Trading Card Supplies

And the Always popular $$ Store for Collage Ephemera and the NEW "a bit more than a $ store page" - check out the just added Vintage Shutter Style Bingo Cards.

The Mica Card stock line has expanded once again!...the newest color is Shimmering Rose.

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