News-E-Zine March 2006

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Spring is just around the corner

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The New ART !!

The Fabrik-Paper Fabric 4x4 Mini-Quilt Swap.

4x4 art square
4x4 art square 4x4 art square
This swap had the most impressive artwork of any swap I have ever hosted. Each piece suitable for framing. These three pieces are just a sampling. To view all the artwork presented in the Fabrik-paper Fabric Square swap visit the Mini-quilt fabric square gallery. Artist Credits Left to Right: Jeannine Goodrum, Sharon Ginsberg and Ann Cooper.

All Bmuse Color Collage Sheets are now available on the NEW Fabrik-Paper...

and what is that??

Fabrik-Paper Collage Sheets are nearly tear proof, with the texture and pliability of linen, lightweight, slightly translucent, the soft natural white of this media gives the images the softer, printed on fabric look without losing the detail of the images or the color saturation. Sew it, glue it... perfect for paper and fabric collage, art dolls, mini quilts, and collage on canvas...sorry it is not machine washable but can be gently hand washed without soap and it doesn't ravel!...AND it is half the price of most fabric collage sheets.

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More ART !! - Bmuse Yahoo Group Swaps

the Altered Egg Swap

a very small sample of the nearly 200 eggs that have been sent in for this swap

4x4 art square
4x4 art square
Altered Eggs by Anne Downen left and Denise Mennella right.
4x4 art square
4x4 art square
Altered Eggs by M.L. Perlow left and Tamara Comerford right.


It's a Cat's Life - ATC swap

another very small sample of all the wonderful cards that were swaped

Click on image to see a larger version

Artist Trading card with wall mount

Artist Trading card with wall mount

Artist Trading card with wall mount Artist Trading card with wall mount
All four of these delights are by Kitty Mitchell


and the Lucky Charms Swap a free form 3-d collage swap

this swap is still in progress - but its looking great so far!

Artist Trading card with wall mount

Faith by Kimberly Moore


Artist Trading card with wall mount

Believe by Kathy Dirks


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Mack's New Personal Gallery Page

I decided that it was time to have my very own personal art gallery page. So bookmark this link to check on what I am up too:) Here is a sampling of what is there.

Artist Trading card with wall mount

"As you Imagine, So Shall You Become"

An ATC I did recently with an image from the Art & Flowers #3 collage sheet. The background is a piece of old text with a ink wash.

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ArT Project #1

CD envelope Altered CD Envelope

Wooden Nickel Key ring collage by Caryl Hoobler

Complete step by step instructions on the Collaged Key Ring Technique Page.

ultrafine embossing powder

ArT Project #2

CD envelope Altered CD Envelope

Collage Magnets by Caryl Hoobler.

Complete step-by-step instructions on the Magnet Collages Technique Page.

ultrafine embossing powder

ArT Project #3

4x4 Puzzle Collage by Caryl Hoobler.

Complete step-by-step instructions on the 4x4 Puzzle Collage Project Page.

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Turning artist trading cards into small wall hangings

Another "happy accident" occurred this month. I discovered the new 4x6 masonite art boards work perfect for mounting 2 ATCs and creating a small wall art piece. So, a messy desk can be a source of inspiration. The two trading cards were done from magazine images. I then also found (in a corner of my worktable) a piece of old text that I had painted with acrylic paints earlier. I covered the masoniite board with the painted text. using the wrapped background technique then attached the ATCs with a strong double sided tape.

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Altered Raffle Tickets

Click on image to see enlargement

Artist Trading card with wall mount

Artist Trading card with wall mount

One of the new $1 items I added this month are packs of raffle tickets. The two pieces above are done on these tickets. I first distressed and added color using Distress Ink pads. Since these are on rather lightweight stock I mounted both of them on watercolor stock for substance so that they would hold up to embellishment. The Asian piece on the right uses Asian Text, a fan from the Chinese Fans collage sheet and fibers from the Fibers by the Yard page. The nostalgic style ticket on the right, has old postage, buttons, lace fiber, and images from the Art Deco, and Vintage Theatre Posters collage sheets.

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Round Watercolor Tags and Alcohol Inks

Due to the fact I was bagging up the new round watercolor stock tags and also trying to find a box to store my alcohol inks - well, I had to try it. Normally one uses alcohol inks on non-pours surfaces for which they are wonderful, but what about a VERY porous surface? Well, it turns out if you wet the surface of the watercolor stock first with either extender or white ink it works well. I also used a sponge wet with extender to move color where it was darker than I liked. I finished them off by brushing the edges with a metallic gold acrylic paint and on some smooshing more gold paint on the surface. I really liked the dark saturated aged look so I then added collage sheet images and art fibers to finish.

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To view more projects and techniques that were previous newsletters you can link to them from the Projects and Techniques Directory page.

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Desert Rose Books

Zne Zine Issue 1

above image © Bridget Geegan Blanton

"Laugh often, live well and love much. These simple words exemplify our focus at Desert Rose Books.

Desert Rose Books was created to support and promote unknown talent in literature and other artistic mediums. Spiritual values don’t scare us. In fact, we can’t imagine life without them. We know that you will find a creative respite with the material offered here. Join us, as we celebrate taking the high road in a life well lived."

The quote above is directly from the Desert Rose Books homepage. A visit to this website is like taking a few moments by a cool mountain stream in the heat of a high desert summer. On her site Bridget shares her struggles of finding peace in a hurried, crazy world, her art both visual and written. Excerpts from her most recent book, "Whispers on the Wind" a historical novel. Even her recipes for delicious organic food. She has written an excellent article on Artist Trading Cards which explores the history, current trends and potential future of this art form.

Definitely a website worth visiting with a fresh cup of tea or coffee so that you can sit a bit.

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MORE NEW Stuff...

New Asian Ephemera Yes, another trip to China Town, new items have been added to the Asian Ephemera Page. Beautiful new Fancy Red Envelopes - and Wooden Game pieces in 2 sizes and the Tiny Red Envelopes are back!!

On the Bmuse "Dollar Store" and the "A bit more than a Dollar Store" page. The new additions are Wooden Nickel Blanks, Raffle Tickets, Photo Charms, Tiny Bull clips, Round Watercolor Tags & 4x4 inch Puzzle Blanks.

The Bmuse complete line of Artist Trading Card Supplies and 4x4 Chunky Art canvases 7 styles and weights of ATC/ACEO canvases, slightly oversized, self-sealing plastic sleeves for heavier weight and embellished ATCs, 9-pocket binder pages....NEW Masonite Art Boards in 2 sizes

Be sure to check out the NEW Art Fibers by the Yard page - over 30 fibers to choose from.

and there is MORE...and keep reading we haven't gotten to the Special OFFER yet:))

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9 New Bmuse Collage Sheets!!

collage sheet architechture
collage sheet windows and doors
collage sheet americana ephemera
Home Sweet Home My Home Town Mexican Folk Paintings
collage sheet vintage photos women cigar box art collage sheet digital weave letters
A Wistful Gaze Cigar Box Art #1 Cigar Box Art #2
collage sheet Art & Flowers
collage sheets vintage gentlemen
collage sheet wooden nickels
Art & Flowers #1 Art & Flowers #2 Art & Flowers #3

To locate the page where each collage sheet is found simply click on the image or the title below it to take to you the page where it is sold and most have art samples too...

and now for .....

NewsEZine Only Special!!

for a limited time only this sheet is offered at 40% off the regular price

Retro Signs #1- Collage Image Sheets

collage sheet Eqyptian art

Sorry this collage sheet special has expired - you can purchase this sheet at the regular price on the Vintage Advertising Collage Sheets page.

For many of us this a sheet is like a trip back into childhood-reminder of simpler times. 8.5 x 11 inch collage sheets. 16 great images for retro collage and scrapbooks.

Note: the above item is offered at a reduced price only for the duration of this newsEZine and can only be purchased using the cart buttons above, once the next issue of the Bmuse NewsEZine is online this collage sheet will be moved to the regular collage sheet pages and will be available at the regular prices.

Prefer to order via snail mail? Have questions about how and when your order will ship? International shipping? See the ordering and shipping information page

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