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Ultrafine Embossing Powder

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New ART !!

a sampling of a gallery to come - the Mask Swap

this is a swap I am hosting on the Bmuse Yahoo Group that will be complete by the end of the month-so far its looking fabulous!! Check back and a couple weeks and I will have a full gallery page completed with all these terriffic masks.

Bea Neal
Bambi Doe Blake
Caryl Hobbler

ultrafine embossing powder

The Serendipity Background ATC swap is rolling right along. Group One is completely finished and all the backgrounds and completed Trading Cards are uploaded for your enjoyment!!

here is just a sampling:) Click HERE to see the rest of the amazing artwork!

And the Backgrounds for Group 2 are uploaded as well.

Claire Keihle & Claudia Cooper
Claire Keihle & Margaret Sheet
Claire Keihle & Darcie Bruno

ultrafine embossing powder

"Macks" New ART


Click on any of these images and a larger view will appear in a new window

Art Samples using the new cones: Pictures 1 and 2 are both sides of the same door hanger. Picture 3 is a doll I made.

For both the Door Hanger and the Doll I started by painting the cones with acrylic paints. The light green cone for the door hanger I first painted flat sage green. After that was dry I mixed extender medium and a pale gold paint and covered the entire surface to give it a soft golden sheen. Once dry, I decoupaged the magazine images then added an additional coat of gloss sealer. once dry I glued on the ribbon top trim, glued a found bead for the bottom and added the bead drop and polished stone dangles at the top edge with jewelry wire. The wire is held in place with a piece of heavy paper on the inside securely glued over the wire edges. Finishing touch, a rose from a neighbor's garden:)

The Doll I started with silver paint then added a mix of extender and purple Luminire paint. The face was a found object in a jewelry grab bag to which I added the headdress of eyelash fiber with E6000 glue. The head is actually attached to a chop stick and stuck down inside the cone. The body embellishments are beads strung on wire.

AND there is MORE...I have added more of my recent collage and assemblage pieces to the Altered Art Gallery #2

ultrafine embossing powder

ArT Project #1

Embossing on Glass

How to make GREAT Glass Fragment Embellishments

Embossing on Glass Project Page

To view the projects and techniques that were previous newsletters you can link to them from the Projects and Techniques Directory page.

ultrafine embossing powder


What are ACEOs??

I am sure a number of you have seen this new acronym on the groups lately and perhaps even a few of you have done an EBAY search and caught a glimpse of the art trend that seems to be expanding beyond the just art for trade. It seems our little Art Cards have been noticed and are much desired by art collectors. And there is a terrific website that has tons of information about this new mini art trend. Selling your first piece of art is a thrilling and very rewarding experience - its not the money (although it does help with the art supply budget:) its the acknowledgement. Go for it!!

ultrafine embossing powder


On the Artist Trading Card Supplies page there are 2 new tiny canvases to expand your techniques. Packs of Gloss Stock ATCs and for those forever frustrated with curling cards...NEW 140 lbs Watercolor stock ATCs.

of course there are new $Dollar$ goodies too.

and there is MORE...and keep reading we haven't gotten to the Special OFFER yet:))

8 New Collage Sheets!!

Click on the Collage Sheet thumbnail image to go the page where each sheet is sold.

A couple ATCs I made with the new Vintage Travel Sheets

To locate the page where each collage sheet is found simply click on the image...

and now for .....

NewsEZine Only Special!!

Ancient TimeKeepers - Antique Clocks and Calendars

This Collage Sheet is now available on the Backgrounds, Borders and Misc. Page.


Note: the above item is offered at a reduced price during the time in which this is the current newsletter, once the next issue of the Bmuse NewsEZine is online this collage sheet will be moved to the regular collage sheet pages and will be available at the regular prices.


Prefer to order via snail mail? See the order by mail information page

ultrafine embossing powder

Bmuse carries a FULL line of Artist Trading Card Supplies

And the Always popular $$ Store for Collage Ephemera

The Mica Card stock line has expanded...there are 2 new colors: Aquamarine and Spring Green.

ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder


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