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Well, once again I missed my monthly deadline, and with all that has happened since August 1st when the last NewsEZine was sent out it seems like a year rather than only a couple months so for now I seem to be doing seasonal lateness is not entirely my fault you all keep me so busy filling orders I have a time getting these newEZines together...NO COMPLAINTS on this from my side of things:)))

On a more serious note although there are many international subscribers to my little E-Zine the majority are from the US and we all were greatly affected in many ways by the tragedy in the southeastern region of our country. Which leads me to my first announcement that follows below.

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To all Bmuse customers who lost their art spaces in the Gulf Region

I can pretty well guess who you are, I have this spiffy accounting program that remembers all your order and delivery information and I also know that for many of you the addresses I have are no longer correct. And, with everything else you are having to deal with art supplies are likely not at the top of the shopping list. But I bet a little art time where ever you are would do you a world of good. Hopefully by now you have a place to settle at least for a time and a little corner to do some cutting and gluing? Please email me with your new address or to confirm your old address - Bmuse has an Artist Care Package for you...just need an address:) Important note: This is for my customers and friends who have purchased from the Bmuse website over the last 2 years and were in the regions affected by the recent hurricanes.

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ArT Project #1

Creating buttons and bobbles with Translucent Polymer Clay and Bmuse Embossing Powders

A super easy beginner level polymer clay project - create oddles of great embellishments in an afternoon. These examples show how you can use these embellishments. Products also used include: Images from the Antique Asian collage sheet, Fantasy Wings collage sheet and background text from the Asian Pages Packs.

Create your own Faux stone buttons and pendants

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ArT Project #2

Altering a Shutter Style Bingo Card

Altered Bingo Card Project Page

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To view more projects and techniques that were previous newsletters you can link to them from the Projects and Techniques Directory page.

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What's New in Collage Art??

4x4 Miniature Art & Fat Little Books

I bet you have been seeing the "FLB" acronym bantered about in the online art groups and I also bet many have wondered what the "heck" is this. Well, first FLB stands for Fat Little Book, sometimes called chunky books. OK, so what is that? Well, they were first started about 3 years ago by Michelle Takacs when she had so many sign ups for an art theme swap she didn't know what to do so decided that they should make a book and the 4 inch x 4 inch size would allow everyone to be able to copy their artwok at a reasonable price as they could make 4 on a letter size color copy and that she would make bound books for everyone.

Well, as things do they alter over time, you will now see them called 4x4s, ArtSquares...but basically they are collage, stamped, and mixed media artwork done on a 4 x 4 inch canvas of some sort. Like Artist Trading Cards the only real rule being the size. Different from ATCs the 4x4s are done in 2 different styles: As pages for FLBs and as stand alone art, similar to ATCs.

If you are doing 4x4 art for FLBs there are a couple of things that are important to keep in mind. You will want to leave the left side rather bare so that when it is drilled for binding there are no embellishments that will get in the way and you also want to shift the center focus of the piece slightly to the right to compensate for the the space that will be taken up with the binding. The example shown above is one that I did that is intended to find its final home as a page in a Fat Little Chunky Book. You will also want to make the back attractive as it will be visible whenever someone opens to the next page after yours and also sign your artwork on the back. Another consideration is the weight of the page, you want it on a sturdy stock so that your page isn't flimsy but for pages that are being bound remember these also have to be drilled and most of the artists binding these are not going to have a $5,000 commercial rollo binder and chipboard or matte board will greatly shorten the life of a personal rollo binder. 100-110# cardstock or 140# watercolor stock will work perfectly to give you a good sturdy page and and preserve the binder. I have added pre-cut 4x4 stock in both 140# watercolor and 110# Cranes to the Artist Trading Card Supplies Page.

Below is a scan of the back of the sample page above. Please, this is not a correct back or how you should always do the backs but just an example to give you an idea.

If you are doing 4x4 art as independent stand alone pieces...well its simply up to you:) Regardless of what your are doing your page or art for HAVE FUN...I know for me after so many zillion ATCs I am really enjoying the extra canvas space!


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"Transparent Art"

new book from Somerset Studio Publications

"Transparent Art" is 176 fabulous pages of inspiration, eye candy and everything you ever wanted to know about working with transparency film images. I have been selling transparency collage sheets for over a year now but really haven't even come close to fully utilizing this extremely versatile medium. The variety of applications will send you into an artistic whirl. It has been only with extreme self control that I am writing this review and not trying one more thing...

The first section is called Transparencies 101 and should answer most every beginners questions and take the mystery out of working with this fun media. Then you are off, guided by 30+ of today's best collage and mixed media artists there are projects ranging from the quick and easy to larger and more complex art pieces. With examples of how to use transparencies on glass, paper, cloth, wood...from simple tag and ATC art to fabric journals, spirit houses, mini quilts and even an altered purse just to name a few. The only warning...should you receive your copy when you do not have hours to spend in your art space intense art anxiety may occur.

Transparent Art, Somerset Studio Publications Copyright 2005 ISBN 0-9717296-5-4

Below are are some ATCs and a 4x4 I did before I could pry myself away to get back to work on the newsEzine. These barely touch the surface of all the ideas and projects in this book.

Bonita ATC is a transparency image from the vintage theatre posters collage sheet overlayed on a patterned vellum which was layered over a text background. I then embellished it with copper wire, copper leaf skeleton and copper charms. Dancer ATC is an image from the Femme Fatales#2 collage sheet with "flamed edges" from the section by Jen Osborn in "Transparent Art" attached with eyelets. Asian Beauty I also used the "flamed edges" edges technique on the image. The image is from the Antique Asian Collage Sheet further embellished with one of the new art fibers and a piece of tumbled glass which is available on the Assemblage Art Supply page.

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Umbrella Girls - In this 4x4 collage I tried a VERY simplified version of Jennifer Duncan's technique of colorizing transparency images with background materials. I took the 2 images from the Femme Fatales#2 collage sheet and glued coordinating scrapbook papers to the backs and then attached to the over all background of the collage. NOTE: this sample does not even come close the more complicated and amazing pieces she has featured in "Transparent Art" taking simple black and white transparency photos and completely transforming them with different color paper backgrounds etc.


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New Products!!

All Bmuse Color Collage Sheets are available on the NEW Fabrik-Paper™, transparency film, vellum & 80# semi-gloss premium imaging paper

Fabrik-Paper Collage Sheets are nearly tear proof, with the texture and pliability of linen, lightweight, slightly translucent, the soft natural white of this media gives the images the softer, printed on fabric look without losing the detail of the images or the color saturation. Sew it, glue it... perfect for paper and fabric collage, art dolls, mini quilts, and collage on canvas...sorry it is not machine washable but can be gently hand washed without soap and it doesn't ravel!...AND it is half the price of most fabric collage sheets.

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More NEW Stuff ...

New Bottles!!
These are quite a bit larger than the tiny vials also found on the $ Ephemera Page but still small and very cute. shown here is one I altered using alcohol inks to colorize. Then embellished with the some of the new Art Fibers, topped with a button from the polymer clay project and tied on a map from the Antique Map Assort collage sheet so it wouldn't get lost.

And!!! the Grand Opening of the Bmuse ART Fiber Store Page!!

I could resist no longer, those amazing yarn stores that seem to be blooming everywhere I had to have them ALL...Then I realized that like me you don't need the entire skein either so...It has begun and I will be adding new fibers almost weekly so keep checking back!

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The Bmuse complete line of Artist Trading Card Supplies 7 styles and weights of ATC/ACEO canvases, slightly oversized, self-sealing plastic sleeves for heavier weight and embellished ATCs, 9-pocket binder pages.

and there is MORE...and keep reading we haven't gotten to the Special OFFER yet:))

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All New Holiday Collage Sheets

Holiday Postcards#1 Holiday Postcards#2 Holiday Postcards#3

Happy Holidays 2005!!!

this site also has 2 winter holiday galleries full of cards for inspiration...take a visit

Holiday Gallery #1

Holiday Gallery #2

To locate the page where each collage sheet is found simply click on the image to take to you the page where it is sold and most have some art samples too...

Happy New Year

And don't forget my favorite holiday...Halloween!! - fact there is a Halloween page! go quick there are still some candy corn beads and charms and some great black fancy fibers on the new ARt Fibers Page.

Halloween Mini Sheet

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I guess by now it is no secret I LOVE Mexican Folk Art...and for the second year I spent another wonderful week in Baja Mexico, each year I get better at finding great collage stuff. So, in addition to the great image sheets below you will also find tiny ceramic mugs, teeny tea strainers and miniature tortilla plates as well as fibers I purchased to compliment the colors of Mexican Folk Art.

Las Fruitas Vintage Mexican Postcards Lottiera

To see more art samples don't miss the new Colors of Mexico Gallery

Mexican Tiles #2 Art of Mexico

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and there is still MORE:)!!

Letters from Afar
Sultry Ladies

ultrafine embossing powder

My FLB "Pink Page" using an image from the new Sultry Ladies collage sheet

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and now for .....

NewsEZine Only Special!!

FISH!! Fish..and MORE fish

Sorry this special has can purchase this sheet at the regular prices on the Animals Collage Sheet Page.

But there is a NEW special priced collage sheet - check out the NEW Winter 05/06 Bmuse NewsEZine!!

Note: the above item is offered at a reduced price only for the duration of this newsEZine, once the next issue of the Bmuse NewsEZine is online this collage sheet will be moved to the regular collage sheet pages and will be available at the regular prices.

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and Another NewsEZine Special

This collage sheet special offer is in recognition of Hopalong, a San Francisco Bay Area animal rescue organization that was instrumental in organizing a number of the areas animal rescue groups that went to the Gulf Coast region to help recover the pets that were left behind. Many of these animals are now being cared for by foster families here in the Bay Area until they can be reunited with their owners or new permanent homes found.

$1.00 of the purchase price of any of the Artsy Cats collage sheets, will be donated to the Hopalong animal rescue group to help with the costs of caring for these animals.

Artsy Cats - Collage Sheets

hat tags

Color laser images on 80# premium laser paper
1 sheet @ $4.50
2 sheets @ $8.50
Color laser images on transparency film
1 sheet @ $5.50
2 sheets @ $10.00
Color laser images on translucent vellum
1 sheet @ $4.75
2 sheets @ $9.00
Color laser images on Fabrik-Paper
1 sheet @ $4.95
2 sheets @ $9.50
This sheet contains adorable digitally artified photos of kittens that have found homes due to the work and dedication of independent rescue groups.


Prefer to order via snail mail? See the order by mail information page

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Bmuse carries a FULL line of Artist Trading Card Supplies

And the Always popular $$ Store for Collage Ephemera and the NEW "a bit more than a $ store page" - check out the just added Vintage Shutter Style Bingo Cards.

The Mica Card stock line has expanded once again!...the newest color is Shimmering Rose.

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