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Ultrafine Embossing Powder

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Spring has ARRIVED:))...the longer days and warmer temperatures are a very welcome change...time for thoughts of gardening and sunbathing. In fact the Bmuse Yahoo group is just finishing up the Spring Fever ATC swap

New ART !!

a sampling of the ATCs in the Spring Fever ATC swap.

Spring Fever ATC by Rosalie Ackerson
Spring Fever ATC by Nancy Young
Spring Fever ATC by Caryl Hoobler

And speaking of swaps...another swap I am hosting on the Bmuse Yahoo Group is an Artist Trading Card Swap with a bit of a twist....a two step swap where each participant makes a sheet of backgrounds and then swaps those and finishes an assortment of ATCs with the backgrounds done by other participants ....I have started a gallery page for this, so far we just have backgrounds, but keep the link cards are coming!

Background by Anne Downen

ultrafine embossing powder

"Macks" New ART

This month my fascination has been PUZZLES and making funky no critics here I am certainly NOT an experienced beader, in fact this is my first jewelry:)

Click on any of these images and a larger view will appear in a new window

many of the embellishments on these pieces are typical of those found in the Bead, Buttons & Bangles Grab bags.

AND there is MORE...Use the Gallery Directory Page to check out all the GREAT ART!!

ultrafine embossing powder

ArT TechNiQue #1

Painting with Embossing Powders

Guest Artist Brandi Powell of Art by Moonlight

Step by step directions on how she made these Fabulous CARDS!!

Painting with Embossing Powder Project Page


ArT TechNiQue #2

Creating Marbled Backgrounds on High Gloss Card stock for Photo Stamping

this one I did... a simple technique with stunning results

Link to the Marbling Technique Page


AND I have added the projects and techniques that were previous newsletters to the Techniques Pages you can link to them from the Projects and Techniques Directory page.

ultrafine embossing powder


On the Artist Trading Card Supplies page TWO new tiny canvases to expand your techniques. Packs of Gloss Stock ATCs and for those forever frustrated with curling cards...NEW 140 lbs Watercolor stock ATCs.

of course there are new $Dollar$ goodies too.

and there is MORE...and keep reading we haven't gotten to the Special OFFER yet:))

10 New Collage Sheets!!

Click on the Collage Sheet thumbnail image to go the page where each sheet is sold.

To locate the page where each collage sheet is found simply click on the image or use these links...Chinese Panels and Fans, Antique Playing Cards, Tarot Cards, Antique Maps, and Alphabet Block Letter Sheet.

and now for .....

NewsEZine Only Special!!

Antique Seed Catalogs Collage Sheets

Sorry the special pricing offer on this collage sheet has expired...but there is a NEW Collage Sheet special offer on the JUNE NewsEzine.

You may purchase this sheet at its regular price on the Floral Collage Sheet page.

Note: the above item is offered at a reduced price during the time in which this is the current newsletter, once the next issue of the Bmuse NewsEZine is online this collage sheet will be moved to the regular collage sheet pages and will be available at the regular prices.

ATCs I made using images from the Antique Seed Catalog sheet above. I used the vellum version and glued over text pages I had aged with a mixture of paint and walnut ink. Just click on either image to see a larger version.

Prefer to order via snail mail? See the order by mail information page

ultrafine embossing powder

Bmuse carries a FULL line of Artist Trading Card Supplies

And the Always popular $$ Store for Collage Ephemera

The Mica Card stock line has expanded...there are 2 new colors: Aquamarine and Spring Green.

ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder

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ultrafine embossing powder


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