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Marilyn Rock

all artwork on this page was done by Marilyn Rock

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The artwork on the left uses one of the ATC Shrine Cards, a torso tag and images from the Spring Planting and Sister Cousins & Friends Collage sheets.

The artwork on the right uses a wing from the Wings Transparency Sheets and an image from Sisters Cousins & Friends Collage sheet


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This handmade Artist Card uses images from Sisters, Cousins & Friends, Maps of Myth & Magic, and French Postcards Collage Sheets as well as an Oval Coin Holder which is used as a frame.

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This deco altered book cover uses the torso tags with images from Black & Tan Wings and Sisters, Cousins & Friends Collage sheets.

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This collage uses the torso tags with images from Sisters, Cousins & Friends Collage sheet as well as elements from our Custom Collage Packs

Marilyn Rock is an artist and teacher living in Schenectady, New York north of the Albany area. Her love and passion for art began 12 years ago with a water color class followed by an invitation from a friend to a home-stamping party.

"It was love at first sight, I felt I could easily incorporate water colors with rubberstamps and quickly moved on to other mediums...acrylics, chalks, pastels, colored pencils...etc. I soon learned of a rubber stamp store in my area and starting taking classes there. The rest is history. I now use rubber stamps in nearly all of my work including collage which is one of my favorite art expressions."

Marilyn's artwork has been published in: Somerset Studio, The Stampers' Sampler, Rubberstampmaddness Magazine, The Rubber Stamper, ARTitude Zine and Collage Cat Zine. She now teaches at her local stamp store her classes range from basic stamping to collage and altered art. She also offers home workshops. If you would like to contact Marilyn regarding her workshops, classes or as a guest teacher in your store use the email link at the bottom of this page. To see more of her marvelous creations visit Marilyn's Online Gallery.

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Much of the artwork on this page was created with Bmuse products.

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