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Collage by Dorothy Cancelleri

This collage was an art submission for the Bmuse Black & Tan Swap to see more art from this swap see the new Black & Tan Swap Gallery


Digital Collage by Tina Catspaw

Tina donated this image to the Michoacan Reforestation Fund, a small non-profit group working to reforest the regions of Mexico that are the over wintering grounds of the Monarch butterfly. If you would like more information about this organization go to

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Ninth Door of Hope

"digital collage"


Tina Catspaw

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Tina also has a new vintage children photo collage sheet all her original limited edition collage sheets are a must see.

Art Quilt Collage


Elizabeth Reed

"a wonderful and unexpected gift"


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Cat Lady by Michele Decker

this collage uses a modified torso tag and elements from a collage ephemera pack

Happy Days by Kristy Christopherson

the vintage children image is a photo stamp from Time to Stamp

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Garden Plans by "mackinsie"
Tapestry by "mackinsie"
TeaTime by "mackinsie"

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Changes by "mackinsie"
Kali's Tears by "mackinsie"
Trickster Dreams by "mackinsie"

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Reflections by "mackinsie"
Underwater Fantasy by "mackinsie"
Moon Vision by "mackinsie"

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Aged Asian style assemblage collage by "mackinsie"
Lost Soles by "mackinsie"

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Passion by "mackinsie"
Silenced by "mackinsie"
Duel Nature by "mackinsie"



Collage Art by Mackinsie and Michele Decker


Collage Art by Mackinsie, Michele Decker and Tina CatsPaw

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