Artist Trading Cards Gallery #6

Magazine Background Artist Trading Card


by Becky New

Want even more eye candy?...this site has a number of gallery pages for collage and assemblage art, UTEE, Tag Art....see the Gallery Directory Page

Becky Almost joined the Bmuse Magazine Background ATC swap but she just couldn't quite let go of them....instead she made this great little book

These are some of the Cards Becky made...

Click on image to see enlargement

and here is the book she made with them...

some close-up views of some of the pages...

Becky New is the publisher of Observations on Collecting Debris, a great Altered Art Zine and has her own Yahoo Group AlteredArtistry

Hope you enjoyed Becky's Fun Little book...for more ATC Art see the Gallery Main Page for Links to other gallery pages. This website also carries a large selection of ATC supplies, including several types of card blanks, collage sheets and more...


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If you would like to see how some of these cards were done visit my Collage Techniques How-To Page

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If you want to get involved with this fast growing art genre there is a new Yahoo Art Group just for Artist Trading Cards. Great people, lots of talent, swaps, tips and just fun!

AND...for those who truly love tiny art there is even a Yahoo group for Miniature Artist Trading Cards

Need More Inspiration??

The variety and imagination that is going on in this tiny art genre is far more than can be contained even in one website let alone one page. Below are links to other Artist Trading Card Galleries. If you know of a gallery that should be added please let me know.

Note: Only galleries on actual websites that do not have pop-up advertising are listed here.

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Cynthia Gaub's Artist Trading Cards Gallery

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Much of the artwork on this page was created with Bmuse products.

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